Resolving trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder with psychotherapy

Going through a traumatic experience can leave you feeling empty and changed. As your body is in a heightened state of stress, you may be re-experiencing the trauma and related emotions over-and-over again. This is because your mind is trying to assess whether you are still in danger and if you should fight or run away.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is becoming more commonplace as our lives become increasingly complicated with we face shortages of time to deal with our emotions following a traumatic event.

In our sessions, we will work together to deactivate negative emotions attached to traumatic events. Energy Psychology combines intervention (e.g. imaginal exposure to traumatic memories) with interventions to rebalance components of the human vibrational matrix (meridians, chakras, biofield) to facilitate rapid, positive change and optimal psychotherapeutic outcomes. Using Acupuncture Points we can calm the limbic system and deactivate the pairing of a thought/memory with negative emotion and replace it with a state of calmness where we can better process the event.

If you would like help dealing with a traumatic experience or post-traumatic stress disorder, please schedule a free 20 minute consultation.