Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder

Everyone experiences anxiety, and it can help you prepare for important events or react to dangerous situations. But if your anxiety is too intense or lasts too long it may begin to interfere with your life. If you constantly worry about things that are unlikely to happen then you may not have energy to spend with friends, enjoy your favorite activities or focus properly on your work. All anxiety disorders can interfere with your daily activities and cause you to avoid certain situations. They can also cause panic attacks, which can look and feel like a heart attack with shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, shakiness and sweating.

Energy Psychology and Anxiety

Energy Psychology operates on the principle that whatever the presenting problem is: it has a counterpart in the client's energy system and can be treated at an energetic level. In a session, Energy Psychology techniques can address the body and mind symptoms of anxiety. Acupressure points or other energy points can be engaged to decrease the distress attached to certain thoughts and situations. Limiting beliefs can also be detected that may be producing stress in an individual's system.

If you would like help with anxiety or an anxiety disorder, please schedule a free 20 minute consultation.