Reset your Mindset

EFT Coaching Program

I firmly believe that words don’t teach it is only experience that teaches, so it has always been a large focus of my therapy practice to teach clients how to help themselves.  By teaching processes to identify their thinking patterns, negative emotions and limiting beliefs it empowers people to take a self-care tool and practise it until it becomes a skill they can use to build their resiliency and capacity to handle life’s challenges.

This program will allow you to clearly identify your highest priority problems and help you to deactivate emotions that are keeping you stuck in actions/behaviours that are blocking you from reaching your goals.

The process is simple, easy to follow and teaches you to direct your mind to your advantage.  Often we are “programmed” as young children with limiting beliefs that do not serve us in our adult lives.  But because our beliefs are stored in our subconscious minds, we are often not consciously aware of our reactions until we are triggered by a person, event or situation and go into a pre-programmed response.

Even with the best of intentions and employing our will power we often get pulled into participating in unwanted circumstances, or attracted to the wrong people or always get into a state of overwhelm.  We end up practicing mistakes and reinforcing the very things we want to change (i.e. old patterns of behaviour, old limiting beliefs, ineffective coping strategies).

The 4 Main Steps of the Mindset Reset Program:

  1. What is the problem?  What do you want to change?
  2. Apply the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to de-activate the energy charge around the problem.
  3. What do you want instead?
  4. Apply EFT to activate the energy around 

The worksheets help us to clarify the problem to deactivate the different aspects of it.  This allows us to clear the problem from our system and move past any blocks that may have been interfering in making a positive change.

In the first part of the process we focus on the: Who, What, Where, When, How of the problem with questions that help lead us to the Why of the problem.  Once we have identified all of the aspects of the problem it is important to deactivate the negative emotion that will rise during this step using the Emotional Freedom Technique.  

Our main focus will be on steps 3 and 4 by focusing on the positive emotions you want, the situations you want to experience, the relationships you want to have, the peace of mind you want to experience because research shows that what we put our attention and focus upon always gets bigger and even our brains will rewire to notice what we are habitually putting our attention towards.  In the second part of the process we only focus on the What and the Why to activate the positive emotion and encourage a change to occur.

Along with the worksheets for each step you will also receive a completed example worksheet for each step to further guide you in the use of this self-care technique.  There are also emotion inventories to help you identify your feelings around different subjects.  Instructional videos and audios also accompany each step in the process to help provide you with an "in-office" experience.

The whole program is available for you to download for less than the cost of a private session.  The 4 worksheets, 4 example worksheets, 2 emotion inventories, 4 audios and 4 instructional videos all for the cost of $47.

If you are ready to remove blocks that are preventing you from building your capacity and working towards your goals at peak performance, purchase this program.

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