The Blue Jays & Gemeinschaftsgefühl

Gemeinschaftsgefühl is an Adlerian psychology term that literally means "community engagement" or "social interest".  The term is used to describe one's connectedness and interest in the well-being of others that enhances or pre-conditions psychological health.

If we look at the way the Blue Jays have rallied around each other as teammates we can clearly see their demonstration of support and encouragement for one another.  They are demonstrating the awareness that everyone on the team is important, they all belong and all know their responsibility in shaping the team.  And this has led to a winning formula that goes beyond the statistical predictions, because the stats don't take into consideration the "heart" the team plays with.  

Wednesday night's winning game was an emotional roller coaster that could have  ended very differently if the team had stayed focused on what was going wrong.  (I still can't believe that 7th inning blip with a Texas run being scored on a ball that ricocheted off of the bat from the catcher's throw…?...).  The resolve and focus of the Jays later in that inning was what got my attention.  They were there to show us what they could do and even went so far as coming out of the dug out to calm the crowd.  The team's attention turned to in the "now" thinking to resolve the problem by demonstrating their strengths and assets rather than focusing on the problem.  It was a team effort and what we saw was an exciting and jubilant win.

What I saw was a clear demonstration of Positive Psychology in action that we can all take a lesson from.  We empower ourselves and others when we focus on: strengths, what's right with us, optimism, hopefulness and keep our expectations positive.  This is what fosters healthy communities and this is what the Blue Jays are showing us - Bravo!